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How can we get the expert workforce that the financial system lacks

In 2016, the commercial school in Belgrade started working in the system of dual education for the trade profession, third degree, with four companies. Today, he cooperates with 11 of them, and the trade chain of cosmetic products is one of their first partners.

“We have companies, a sufficient number of companies to assign all children to dual education, but we do not have a sufficient number of students, and now we are in this place to somehow find a solution and to interest parents, that is, elementary school students, in enrolling in a three-year major – tradesman,” says Mira Lekić, director of the Trade School in Belgrade

Mira Glušac, the regional manager of the “DM” company, states that every year they enroll a certain number of students who, upon graduation, get a job with us and, as he says, they will continue to work on this in the future.

At the end of 2017, the Government adopted the Law on Dual Education, and the implementation of the first project was supported practically and financially by Austria. The vice president of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce considers this method of education to be excellent, as evidenced by the fact that he himself is an instructor for more than 70 students in his own company.

“The advantage of the dual system is that we get feedback from companies on what qualifications are needed, what knowledge and abilities their qualified workers should have, and we can use that in the process of staff training,” says Philip Gadi, vice president of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce.

The lack and outflow of quality personnel is a global problem that can only be solved by the continuous education of new professional workers, according to the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

“In the coming period, the Swiss organization for development and financing will also join us, and together with the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia, the Government of Serbia and the Chamber of Commerce of Austria and the Institute for the Improvement of Education and Training, they will work on the next phase of this project,” says Mihailo Vesović, director. analytics of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce.

Most of the students who completed dual education have already found a job, and a quarter of them work in the companies where they did their internship. Three thousand high school students in Serbia are educated in the dual system, which has been included in our higher education system since last year.

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