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How you can efficiently struggle bladder irritation?

Bladder infection is caused in 90 percent of cases by the uropathogenic bacterium E coli.

There is a feeling as if you have to urinate even though you can not do it at all, hitting the pain and pressure. But some natural antibiotics can effectively help with bladder inflammation.

Although many bacteria can sometimes come back like a boomerang, some natural remedies can prevent it.

A prescription for a natural antibiotic for bladder inflammation

Parsley, lemon, honey and olive oil with their powerful antibiotic and antiviral action will get rid of annoying bacteria.


Peeled parsley and lemon should be finely chopped, and then all the ingredients, including honey and olive oil, put in a blender and mix. You will get a mass that needs to be stored in the refrigerator. One tablespoon should be taken every morning.

Once you have consumed all the amount made, there should be no more bacteria.

What else can you do for your bladder and urinary tract:

1. Drink plenty of water

While this may not sound like a special medicine, just drinking enough fluids is the most important thing you can do for your bladder.

Aside from the fact that water can help “wash out” bacteria, it is even more important to have something to get rid of when urinating. Take the recommended 8 glasses of water, and even more, and this will speed up the process of “cleansing” the bacteria.

2. Go to the toilet regularly

Do not hold urine or delay going to the toilet. By holding it you help the bacteria to multiply even more. By going to the toilet regularly, you reduce their number and the possibility of infection.

3. Drink primrose tea

Parsley acts as a diuretic, and in addition to being refreshing, the drink will speed up the healing process. To alleviate or prevent urinary tract infection, it is necessary to drink primrose tea. Tea requires two teaspoons of dried primroses and 250 ml of water. Put the primrose in boiling water and let it stand for 6 to 10 minutes.

4. Grind a cucumber

Thanks to the large amount of water it contains, these vegetables are ideal for “cleansing” the bladder. It will provide you with enough fluids and help you get rid of bacteria more easily.

5. Warm the lower body

With a urinary tract infection, the stomach is not only painful when urinating. The infection can cause constant discomfort in the lower back. To make it easier on yourself, heat can help, which will relax the muscles and eliminate cramps that cause pain. For this you can use a warm bottle of hot water.

6. Drink cranberry juice

Blueberries are often used in the treatment of urinary tract diseases. The cranberry ingredient is responsible for preventing E. coli from attaching to the bladder membrane and further multiplying it. For prevention, two glasses of sweet cranberry juice a day are enough.

Tip plus:

Avoid chocolate, caffeine and citrus fruits as they can irritate the bladder membrane and help bacteria to enter more easily.

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