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“I had a difficult life, we were always with clothes on our backs”

The well-known singer from Albania, Loreta Kaçka, has already occupied a special place in the Albanian music market.

She has recently been part of the “5 dates” section in Prive, in which she has selected the most important dates in life.

Like many Albanian celebrities, she recounted one of the most difficult periods in her life – moving from Korça to Durrës with her family in 1986.

“I had a very difficult life, we were always with clothes on our backs, we changed many places, it was not easy to be honest, but we adapted to my father’s work, it was necessary for us to go wherever he went. with work”.

“I have been fortunate to touch many of the Albanian territories, that is, in southern Albania, middle Albania and the north, this has actually helped me a lot in life, for many reasons and for many things,” said Lori.

She is continuing to be active in music, as a few days ago she brought a different version of the song “Kujt i thua xhan” by Bertan Asllani.

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