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In case you instantly really feel this style, you’ll want to verify when you have diabetes

When certain medical problems occur, most people recognize them by pain or unpleasant symptoms, such as tightness of the chest, shortness of breath, or changes in the body.

However, there is another symptom that appears in a much more benign way and which can be a sign of a serious condition that affects many people. Namely, if you feel a sudden taste in your mouth, you may have diabetes, medical experts claim.

Your sense of taste may change as your body does not regulate blood sugar levels, which is a possible sign of diabetes. This is usually accompanied by a sweet taste in the mouth.

Your pancreas, which is located inside your stomach, plays a major role in digestion and produces a hormone called glucagon. It works with the hormone insulin to regulate sugar levels in your body. Insulin prevents high blood sugar and glucagon prevents it from falling too low.

Dr. Philip Janglas from the Cleveland Clinic in the US warns that people who have problems with diabetes can feel a sweet taste in their mouth as well as a sweet smell of fruit in their breath.

However, if you regularly feel an inexplicable sweet taste in your mouth, this requires detailed examinations.

Although metabolic causes such as diabetes are possible, Healthline also warns that similar symptoms can occur due to sinus infections, viruses, neurological problems (stroke, epilepsy, etc.), stomach acid problems or even pregnancy. .

The safest way to determine the cause is blood tests to check hormone and blood sugar levels, followed by diagnosis and treatment, reports Best Life.

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