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Italy closed till Might, from Monday 10 areas in purple

Italy will remain closed until May and from Monday more than half of the country will be in the red zone, with Calabria, Tuscany and Valle d’Aosta being added to the 7 regions and the autonomous province of Trento in which the toughest restrictions are in force, while Lazio is back in orange. With 24,000 new cases and 450 deaths a day, the government confirms the maximum severity even after Easter.

But in the whole red zone, classes will continue until the sixth grade, while in the orange areas, all students up to the eighth grade and 50% of high school students will be in the classroom, reports A2.

Until April 30 there will be no movement between regions, shutters still lowered for bars and restaurants, reopening of gyms, swimming pools, cinemas and theaters will be at a later date, the yellow zone was canceled by the end of the month .

“The measures adopted so far have given us the first sign of a slowdown, but the situation is still delicate,” said Health Minister Roberto Speranza. The decision to extend the austerity measures was given by the leaders, but still caused tension among the majority.

These decisions will take effect in Italy starting March 29th.

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