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Italy fines Fb 7 million euros

Italy’s antitrust body fined Facebook 7 million euros ($ 8.5 million) for failing to comply with a request to correct improper trading practices related to the use of user data.

“The current investigation has confirmed that (the company) has not published an amended notice on the use of user data and has not stopped the established unfaithful practice,” the Italian regulator said in a statement, Reuters reports.

In November 2018, the Italian Commission for the Protection of Market Competition decided that Facebook did not properly inform users about the collection and use of their data.

The commission fined the US company 5m euros ($ 5.5m) and asked it to publish an updated notice for users on the main page of the Italy website, as well as on the Facebook app and on the personal page of each Italian registered user. .

“Given the economic value of the data, users need to be able to decide whether to allow Facebook to use it,” said the Italian regulator.

A Facebook spokesman said the company had been informed of the regulator’s announcement, but that it “would await the State Council decision on our appeal against the commission’s initial findings”.

He added that Facebook has already made changes that clearly clarify how their data is used in its services and ads tailored to target groups.

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