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Key indicators that you’re consuming a number of bread

Bread is not only problematic because of the calories, but also because of the processed carbohydrates that cause mild inflammation.

They can be the cause of many health problems, which include fatigue and confusion, as well as deconcentration.

A study conducted on 1,230 people aged 70-89 years showed that those who ate the most carbohydrate-rich foods had the highest risk of developing cognitive problems.

To prevent possible negative consequences, you need to pay attention to the signals our body sends us when we eat too much bread.

You add pounds

If the number on the scales increases, it may mean that you are still eating a little, especially if you eat one made from white flour.

“When you eat bread, the possibility increases that you eat other unhealthy foods along with bread. This is because bread is usually combined with processed meats and fatty cheeses, ”said nutritionist Trista Best.

According to a 2014 study, individuals who ate two or more servings of bread a day were significantly more likely to become obese than those with one or fewer servings of bread per week.

You are always hungry

If you need bread when you are hungry, this can make things worse.

“Most types of bread are refined and have few nutrients. This means that your body does not record that you have eaten something and you do not feel full after consuming bread. “It just raises your blood sugar level, which makes you even hungrier,” said nutritionist Shana Husin.

You often have stomach aches

Although many people think that fiber bread is good, not everyone is like that. In some types of bread, fiber such as inulin and betaglucan are added, which are associated with stomach pain, bloating and gas when you consume a lot of them “, says nutritionist Rachel Fine.

Sugar levels are rising

If your blood sugar level rises to an unhealthy level, bread may be responsible.

“Excessive consumption of bread, especially processed bread, can lead to inflammatory processes, which can cause insulin resistance, a condition that usually precedes diabetes,” says nutritionist Heather Hanks.

High blood pressure

High blood pressure and bread consumption are more related than people think. According to the US CDC, even consuming a moderate amount of bread can cause an increase in blood pressure. A study from 2018 showed that even one piece of bread a week can cause an increase in blood pressure, writes Eat This Not That.

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