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Nagavci says that to this point 17 thousand 483 schooling employees have been vaccinated

The Minister of Education, Science, Technology and Innovation, Arbërie Nagavci, has announced that so far there are 17 thousand 483 vaccinated education workers. She said that there are 12 thousand 395 students who have been vaccinated so far.

The first of the education has encouraged the teachers to be vaccinated before the beginning of the new school year, as he said that the goal of the Ministry is for the teaching to start with physical presence in schools.

“Based on the information from the Ministry of Health dated August 6, so last Friday there are a total of 17 thousand 483 vaccinated education workers and also there are 12 thousand 395 vaccinated students. So, a total of 29 thousand 878 people vaccinated. In this regard, we are in constant cooperation with the Ministry of Health and NIPHK, as well as with SBASHK and representatives of MEDs in order to ensure that the beginning of the new school year finds us with teachers of vaccinated. “I think that more than hesitation, it was probably a negligence of the teachers because it was a long year with increased commitments during the pandemic and during this holiday season they did not pay proper attention to vaccination”, she said.

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