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Occasions for April 27th

The President of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani, the Speaker of the Assembly, Glauk Konjufca, and the Prime Minister Albin Kurti pay tribute to the memorial to the Missing. (In front of the building of the Assembly of Kosovo (First entrance, “Ibrahim Rugova” Square, time 10:00)

The Public Finance Oversight Committee reviews the performance audit report and implements the recommendations of the report “Administration of the medical treatment program outside public health institutions and evaluation of results”. The guest is the Minister of Health Arben Vitia. (Assembly of Kosovo, room N-506, time 10:00)

GAP Institute holds a roundtable discussion on the new study “Labor outflow from Kosovo: How much will the pandemic and the new German migration rules affect this phenomenon?” (Swiss Diamond Hotel, Prishtina, time 10:00)

The 198th meeting of the Kosovo Prosecutorial Council is held. (Online, time 10:00)

On the occasion of the National Day for Missing Persons, the monument of the martyrs is unveiled in Skivjan, Gjakova (Time 09:30) and homage is paid on the anniversary of the Meja Massacre. (Time 11:00)

The World Bank Office for Kosovo presents the economic report for the Western Balkans. (Zoom Platform, 11:30)

Youth Initiative for Human Rights Kosovo – YIHR KS develops the road action to mark the National Day for Missing Persons through an installation that will display all the names of persons missing from the recent war in Kosovo. (“Skënderbeu” Square Prishtina, time 12:00)

The Commission for Education discusses the announcement of the competition for members of the Kosovo Council for Cultural Heritage. (Assembly of Kosovo, room N-303, time 12:00)

The President of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani together with the Speaker of the Assembly, Glauk Konjufca, will pay homage to the memorial complex in Meje, Gjakova. (Time 13:00)

The Minister of Economy, Artanë Rizvanolli reports to the Committee on Economy. (Assembly of Kosovo, room N-10, time 13:00)

The Committee on Agriculture discusses the tasks, priorities and organization of the work of the Committee. (Assembly of Kosovo, room N-302, time 13:00)

The Human Rights Committee reviews the draft-decision of the People’s Advocate regarding the election of five deputies of the People’s Advocate. (Assembly of Kosovo, room C-203, time 13:00)

On the Day of the Missing, the Mayor of Prizren, Mytaher Haskuka inaugurates the start of works for the Martyrs’ Cemetery Complex in Krusha e Vogel. (Time 13:30)

The continuation of the session of the Assembly of Kosovo is held. (Assembly of Kosovo, time 15:00)

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