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Occasions of August 21st

The opening of the exhibition of Aleksandar Glibetic tit entitled “Exhibition of Sculptures and Drawings”. (House of Europe, North Mitrovica, time 11:00)

The repatriation from Turkey and the reburial of the remains of the great patriot fighter Deme Ali Pozhari take place. (Pozhar, Deçan, time 12:00)

The Municipality of Gjilan organizes commemorative meetings in honor of the life and work of the well-known musician and folklorist, Demir Krasniqi. (City Theater Hall, Gjilan, time 12:00)

The second day of “AgroFesta” continues, the 7th edition of the Perimculture Festival. (Krusha e Madhe, Rahovec, time 08: 00-00: 00)


08:00-Cleaning the environment

10:00-Agro market (Fair)

15:00 – Baking ajvar in the traditional way

16:00 – Chilli Zone (competition in eating hot peppers)

17:00-Kush e mush ‘(race at the speed of filling bags with peppers)

Ora 20:00-Koncert – (Rap/Hip Hop/DJ)

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