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Occasions of July 21st

The Committee on Foreign Affairs and Diaspora convenes. (Assembly of Kosovo, room N303, time 09:00)

On the occasion of marking the “KLA Epopee of July 1998” in Rahovec, the municipality of Rahovec organizes a series of activities, from 09:00 to 11:00.


Time – 09:00 – Tributes to the Garden of Martyrs – Rahovec.

Time-09: 30 – Tributes to the statue of Sheikh Myhedin – Shehu – the Great Tekke of Halveti – Rahovec

Time-10: 00 – Homage to the monument – Teuta Pump – Rahovec

10:30 – Tributes to the martyrs at the Memorial Complex “Maja e Shkodranit” – Rahovec

Time-11: 00 – Inauguration of the monograph “Eagles do not leave the nest”, for the national martyr Mizahir Isma, by the author Qemajl Krasniqi – Venue: Municipal Assembly Hall – Rahovec.

The Forum for Parliamentary Transparency, with the support of NDI, organizes a meeting on the topic “Pandemic COVID-19: Vaccination process in Kosovo”, which is organized within the activity “Assembly Days”. (Assembly Hall, time 09:30)

The start of the project “Involvement of Women at the Negotiating Table” marks the participation of the Head of the EU Office, Thomas Szunyog. (Collection “Collection”, Prishtina, time 09:45)

From 21-23 July 2021 the Assembly opens its doors to compatriots who wish to visit the building of the highest legislative institution. (Assembly Building, 10:00)

The Public Finance Oversight Committee reviews the Audit Report on the annual financial statements of the Ministry of Internal Affairs for 2020. Invited Minister Xhelal Sveçla. (Assembly Building, room N 506, time 10:00)

The sixth meeting of the Municipal Assembly continues. (Municipal Assembly of the Municipality of Prishtina, time 10:00)

The Commission for European Integration meets with representatives of civil society, in order to cooperate and communicate in the process of European integration of Kosovo. (Assembly Building, room N303, time 11:00)

The Committee on Public Administration, Local Government, Media and Regional Development convenes. (Assembly of Kosovo, room N-10, time 11:00)

The Committee on Economy, Industry, Entrepreneurship and Trade holds its next meeting. (Assembly of Kosovo, room N-10, time 12:45)

The Assembly of Kosovo holds the continuation of the plenary session. (Assembly of Kosovo, plenary session hall, time 13:00)

The next session against the former KLA leaders is held. (The Hague, 14:30)

The National Museum of Eavesdropping “House with Leaves” and KosovaPress, hold the activity “In Memoriam” dedicated to the writer Sulejman Krasniqi. (National Museum, Tirana, time 17:00)

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