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Occasions of June 10th

The Municipality of Prizren organizes various cultural and sports activities in honor of the June Holidays, the manifestation of the 143rd anniversary of the Albanian League of Prizren and the Liberation Day of Prizren.


09:30 – Opening of the International Scientific Conference “Albanian Parliamentarism over the years”. (Municipal Assembly Hall)

10:00 – Placement of flowers in the monument of the League of Prizren. (Prizren League Yard)

10:15 – Opening of the Book Fair “June 21”. (League Square)

13:00 – Opening of the exhibition “How the code of ethics of Hippocrates was killed”. (House of Jahir Efendi Hasani)

18:00 – Concert “Spiritual Sounds” Wind Ensemble. (Prizren League Yard)

The workshop organized by the Ministry of Regional Development is held, regarding the presentation and discussion of the “Regional Development Strategy 2020-2030 and Action Plan”. (Office of the Mayor of Gjilan, time 10:30)

In honor of the 143rd anniversary of the League of Prizren, a ceremony is organized to mark this anniversary. The Speaker of the Assembly of Kosovo, Glauk Konjufca, the Minister of Culture, Youth and Sports, Hajrulla Çeku, the Mayor of Prizren, Mytaher Haskuka are present. (Albanian League of Prizren Complex, time 10:50)

The book of Atdhe Hetemi is promoted, “Student movements for the Republic of Kosovo” organized by the Department of Sociology at the University of Prishtina. (National Library, Prishtina, time 12:00)

Agenda of activities for June 14 – Liberation Day of the Municipality of Rahovec.

Agenda of activities:

13:00 – Unveiling of the memorial plaque at the KLA base house in the village of Drenoc.

14:00 – Unveiling of the memorial plaque in the main house of the KLA in the village of Senoc.

14:30 – Discovery of the memorial plaque in the main house of the KLA in the village of Polluzha.

15:00 – As part of the activities organized by the Municipality of Rahovec on the occasion of marking this day in the lobby of the Cultural Center, “Mensur Zyberaj” will be opened the exhibition “Collection of paintings of the colony of artists” in Rahovec by NGO Art Studio.

The Center for Strategic Litigation (CSL), a platform established by the Group for Legal and Political Studies (GLPS), invites you to participate in a Press Conference on: The decision of the Court of Appeals that lifted the suspension of hydropower plants in Deçan. (GLPS Offices, time 14:00)

NDI and USAID hold a two-day conference on “Increasing Misinformation in Digital Democracy”. (Hotel “Swiss Diamond”, Prishtina, time 14:00)

The monograph is promoted: Hani i 2 Roberts 1989-2019, The Art of Resistance – Art Resistance. (Amphitheater of the Faculty of Arts, Prishtina, time 17:00)

The book “A2020 / 1, Fragments of Contemporary Albanian Architecture”, realized by: Nesila Hajdini and Armand Vokshi, is promoted. (Faculty of Architecture in Prishtina, time 18:00)

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