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Occasions of September 23rd

A conference is held on the progress of the case in the case of Pjetër Shala. (Time 09:00)

The meeting of the Presidency of the Assembly is held. (Assembly Building, time 10:00)

The Public Housing Enterprise in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment, Spatial Planning and Infrastructure, organizes a public debate on the Environmental Impact Assessment Report, for the complex of temporary commercial buildings. (New Municipal Building, time 10:30)

The trial against Salih Mustafa continues in the Special Court. (Time 11:30)

The Social Democratic Party will file a criminal report with the Prosecutor’s Office in the Veternik neighborhood. (Time 13:00)

The Social Forum of the Social Democratic Initiative in Malisheva holds an electoral meeting, where the mayor of the Initiative, Fatmir Limaj, and the candidate for mayor of Malisheva, Ekrem Kastrati, will be present. (Exterior of the primary school “Ibrahim Mazreku” in Malisheva, time: 14:00)

Weekly information of the Kosovo Specialized Chambers for the media. (14:30)

The First Clinical Congress of the College of Surgeons of Kosovo is held, organized in cooperation with the Kosovo Chamber of Physicians. (Hotel “Emerald”, Prishtina, time 17:00)

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