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One month detention for the motive force of the automobile that killed two kids in Caraleva, Shtime

The Basic Court in Ferizaj, has approved the request of the Basic Prosecution of Ferizaj, for imposing a measure of one month detention on remand against the defendant VM. a citizen of Kosovo, due to a well-founded suspicion that he has committed the criminal offense of endangering public traffic.

The defendant is suspected that on 09.05.2021, on the road Ferizaj-Shtime, while driving a vehicle type “Volkswagen Golf 1.9 TDI”, by negligence, violated the law on public traffic, endangered the lives of people, did not adjust the speed of vehicle movement, road conditions, so that upon entering the turn on the left side of the direction of movement, it brakes, the vehicle is transferred and passes on the opposite side of the left side of the road and hits the children of the now deceased L.Rr . and DB, who were off-road. The defendant rolled over with the vehicle and fell into the river, the deceased due to injuries were sent to UCCK-Prishtina, where on 09.05.2021 their death was ascertained.

The court also assessed the social danger of this criminal offense, which is enormously increasing, the manner of commission, as the damage caused is fatal to the lives of two children now deceased, so there is a real and potential risk that if he is released, he may obstruct the course of the criminal proceedings.

In this case, the parties are notified that the appeal against this ruling does not postpone its execution.

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