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Shkodër: He was touring by automotive, the 23-year-old was wounded with a firearm

A 23-year-old ended up injured at Thethi health center.

Police suggest that the young man was traveling in his vehicle, when in still unclear circumstances he was wounded with a firearm.

Thankfully his condition is reported to be good and he is out of danger for life.

“At the health center of Thethi, PH-23-year-old citizen was presented for medical assistance, out of danger for life, who in still unclear circumstances, driving his vehicle from Thethi towards the village of Nderlysë, is suspected of being injured. with firearms “, the police announces.

The services of the Police and the investigative group went to the scene and under the direction of the Prosecution of the Shkodra Judicial District, work continues to clarify the circumstances of the event, identify and apprehend the perpetrator./tch

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