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Six issues it’s essential know concerning the US midterm elections

Why are by-elections held and when?

This year, the mid-term elections take place on November 8. Like the US presidential election, it is held on the first Tuesday in November, except when that Tuesday falls on the first day of the month. In that case, the vote is postponed by one week.

The main reason for holding them is that the mandates in the House of Representatives last for two years. The mandate in the Senate lasts six years, so regardless of whether it is a presidential election or a midterm election, about a third of the seats in the Senate remain vacant every two years.

How many seats in the House of Representatives and the Senate are covered?

All 435 seats in the lower house of Congress are in the running, while 35 senators are also being elected. Each state, regardless of population, receives two seats in the Senate, while seats in the House of Representatives are distributed to states based on their size.

California, the most populous state, has 52 representatives in the House of Representatives, and Wyoming, the least populous state, has one. But both states have two senators.

Who currently controls Congress?

The Democratic Party currently has a narrow majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate.
In order for a law to be passed, it needs the approval of both houses – so control of Congress is crucial to the passage of laws in the US.

In addition to passing laws, the Senate is tasked with confirming the president’s proposals for the highest judicial positions, cabinet candidates, as well as approving formal contracts.

Will Biden’s name be on the ballot?

Although Biden’s name will not be on any ballot, his past successes and failures could influence the results of the election. Mid-term elections in the USA are considered a kind of referendum on the performance of the current president.

There is a very consistent historical trend that in midterm elections, the incumbent’s party almost always loses seats in the House of Representatives, and often in the Senate. Democrats are hoping that won’t be the case this time.

What is Trump’s role in the midterm elections?

It’s not common for a former president to play a big role in a midterm election, but Trump is no ordinary political figure. Trump is using this election to strengthen his position for a new candidacy in the presidential elections in 2024.

What will happen if the Republicans take over Congress?

If the Republicans took over Congress, there would be a breakdown in communication with the White House. Republicans, it is believed, would block the decisions of the Biden administration.

They could slow down or even stop Supreme Court nominations, stop investigations into Donald Trump’s finances, and his role in the storming of the Capitol by his supporters.

Additionally, if control of the legislative branch were shared, the Republican Party would have a veto over any potential legislation.

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