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The curfew enters into power

The curfew entered into force tonight, from 22:00 to 05:00, in accordance with the measures against COVID-19 in Kosovo, from August 30 to September 13.

In the center of Prishtina, vehicles and citizens can still be seen moving even after 22:00, but not the presence of the police.

What is noticeable is that most of the citizens are equipped with masks for protection against COVID-19, but there are also those who do not do so.

According to government measures antiCOVID-19, cases of urgent nature are excluded from the curfew (to seek medical help, purchase medicines, to provide care or medical assistance, to avoid injury or to escape a risk of injury ); turnover for health, safety personnel and operators performing public works or services; night shift personnel of economic operators who ensure the functioning of the supply chain (including the transport of goods / services), but provided that they are provided with a special permit from the EDI system of the Tax Administration of Kosovo, to persons to whom the permit of special temporary, due to the event of special importance.

During the period August 30-September 13, when the new assessment of the situation is expected, citizens are obliged to wear masks everywhere, except when driving alone, or when only close family members are present in the vehicle; during running, cycling and exercise and; while eating or drinking.

Libraries, cinemas, youth centers, museums, cultural centers with groups or other similar subordinate institutions of the MCYS or Municipalities, suspend the activity until 13 September. Theaters, orchestras, ensembles, ballet are allowed to organize online performances (without the presence of the public) as well as to hold exercises.

With the new measures, it is forbidden to enter public transport vehicles without a mask. Road passenger transport operators are allowed to work using 50% of the seating capacity. While in taxis are allowed to travel up to two passengers.

Also, indoor gastronomy services are prohibited. Customer stay (food and beverage service) is allowed only in the open spaces of gastronomy premises. It is allowed to use not more than 70% of the capacity of the open space. The area is calculated for the area where food and drinks are served.

Kosovo in the last 24 hours has recorded 20 victims from COVID-19, while yesterday 36, a black record since the appearance of the first cases in March last year.

Otherwise, the delta variant of the coronavirus, present in Kosovo is much more widespread than previous variants. Its concentration is almost 1000 times higher in the nasal and oral cavities where it also becomes the most frequent spread from person to person.

AntiCOVID-19 measures in Kosovo:


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