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The perimculture pageant begins at present in Rahovec

The traditional periculture festival in Krusha e Madhe, AgroFesta, in its seventh edition comes with many vegetable, cultural and recreational activities.

For several years now, AgroFesta has been gathering in Krusha e Madhe many citizens from all over the country, who visit Krusha e Madhe and see up close the great dedication of the people of Krusha and their work in the production of vegetables and their products.

This year the festival is held on 20, 21 and 22 August 2021.

The festival is held with the support of the Municipality of Rahovec.


Time-11: 30-Vegetable overtaking

12:00 – 12:55-The solemn opening of the AgroFesta Festival

14:00 – Opening of the Agro Market (Fair)

15:00 -Sofra Krushjane

16:00 -Baking Ajvar in the traditional way

Making Pickles in the traditional way

17:00 -Who Mush ‘(races on the speed of filling bags of peppers)

20:00 – 00:00 -Koncert – Rap/Hip Hop/DJ

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