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The previous sacrifice of a village that’s enchanting the world: “Valbona” ​​- the villages of Albania

“Not even the 7th river stones, we do not hand over and not the 7th rifles”, this is how the story begins in the village of Valbona.

A series of massacres ensued. The village so well known that it has its roots in the Albanian village of Vuthaj in Montenegro, never handed over the rifles demanded by the Serbs to avoid war. The men of that time left them all with their lives. The village burned down! Not once but three times.

Ilnisa ​​Agolli on the next track focuses on the pearl of the North and the resurrection of the past by telling us everything. We are all used to doing only tourism in this magical place and getting to know the history of the village. A village we know little and the inhabitants almost not at all. But what really happened? What do the residents say? How many houses are made here? One of the most beautiful landscapes of Northern Albania, so much so that when one sees the mountain ranges of the Cursed Mountains, these majestic Kreshtëbardha, believe that it is forgotten and forgotten.

Albania is a big reason. To understand. To love. A place that God has made with so much taste, no matter how hard we have. Albania is a postcard. This postcard comes today from the Alps which apparently together with the village of Tropoja, have sacred history. Preserving and inheriting for generations the customs and traditions, which are sacred here, writes Top Channel.

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