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The Taliban fired on folks, killing and wounding a number of

The Taliban fired on protesters in support of the official Afghan flag in Jalalabad.

According to initial records, a group of people were shot, who widely spread a large Afghan flag. It is said on social networks that the journalists who were beaten were not spared either.

According to unconfirmed reports, two people were killed and at least 12 were injured.

Earlier in the day, a group of women staged their first public protest in Afghanistan, demanding respect for their rights, including social security, the right to work, education and political participation.

These protests are the first signs of rebellion against the Taliban. The Afghan flag was dropped on any country occupied by the Taliban during their brief offensive across the country, launched as US troops withdrew.

The Taliban flag replaced the Afghan flag, even when Kabul fell. He rose to the presidency after Ashraf Ghani, Afghanistan’s president, fled the country before the Taliban invaded.

The Taliban ended the war, saying they had achieved what they wanted. At that moment, when Kabul fell, there was complete chaos in the capital as thousands of Afghans began to flee.

This video shows how ‘Moderate’ #Taliban terrorists opened fire at the protesters in #Jalalabad, center of Nangarhar province of #Afghanistan for carrying out protests against changing Afg’s National Flag. Even Journos weren’t spared.pic.twitter.com/0QA2z6SExe

— Tarun ཊརུན (@YearOfMonk) August 18, 2021

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