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The very best of 2020 are introduced by the Federation of Auto Sports activities of Kosovo

The Federation of Auto Sports of Kosovo (FASK) has announced the best for 2020.

In a ceremony organized differently from previous years (due to the pandemic), FASK honored the most successful competitors in various disciplines and classes, in the competition of women and men, but also many individuals and institutions, which in ways various contributed to the progress of the championship.

The President of FASK, Ismet Rexhepi, has evaluated the 2020 championship as successful.

“It was a challenging year for all humanity, including sports, and in this case the auto sport of Kosovo. However, we managed to finish the championship in the best way, we even went beyond the others, as we are the only ones who also organized drag races for women. Of course, there is always room for improvement and we hope that in the future we will achieve even better results, have better organizations and aim to be on par with countries that have more developed auto sports “, said Rexhepi.

In addition to the best in classes and disciplines, FASK awarded him several awards and recognitions.

“Golden Helmet” met Jeton Qerimi, Kosovo champion in the auto slalom discipline in 2018, 2019 and 2020, Nexhat Kovac (veteran of auto sport), champion of 1981, 1982 and 1983 and Muhamed Morina (veteran of auto sport) , champion of 1974, 1975 and 1976.

Zana Daka was honored as a distinguished athlete, for her contribution to the advancement of women, the only competitor in the mountain discipline, while Ernest Daka as the 1985 champion in the karting discipline.

For the contribution given were also honored: Selim Tahirsylaj, Faton Tytynxhiu, Bujar Hyseni, Blerim Gashi, Artan Haradinaj, Recail Curt, Alban Bajraktari, Daver Bale, Bajram Shabani and Selman Reçica from the Kosovo Police, Artan Muhaxhiri from RTK, Department of Sports (MCYS), Asllani Metal Insulation and Insulation.

Drag – female:
1.Pranvera Xhaferi
2.Ermira Topalli
3.Kadishe Shabani

Slalom – women:
1.Ermira Topalli
2.Pranvera Xhaferi
3.Arjeta Rysha

Mountain – men:
1.Liridon Calendar
2. Shower progress
3.Besfort Bunjaku

Slalom – men:
1.Valon Jaha
2.Leutrim Rexhepi
3. Qerimi lives

Drag – Men – AWD
1.Labinot Maliqi
2.Petrit Isufi
3.Drilon Iseni

Drag – Men – FWD
1.Leutrim Isufi
2.Lavdat Vllahiu
3.Lavdim Shala

Drag – men – RWD
1.Florian Gjinaj
2.Arton Ajvazi
3.Behar Emërllahu

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