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This is why the singer Lopez separated from her fiancé

Fans of Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are shocked to hear that the couple had ended the relationship after nearly four years.

Sources of “People” magazine have said that the couple has had problems for a long time and that they had grown even more during the quarantine.

“They have had problems for more than three months.

They were able to continue the relationship for the sake of their children even though everyone knew it could not continue like this.

“Jennifer and Alex were ready to buy a large villa but that did not happen,” said the source.

Lopez, 51, has two 13-year-old twin children, son Max and daughter Emme with her ex-husband Marc Anthony.

Meanwhile Rodriguez has two daughters with his ex-wife, 12-year-old Ella and 16-year-old Natasga.

“Problems between them began to appear while they were in quarantine,” the source added.

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