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Voters from the diaspora have another three days to register, so far 6,000 applications have been received

The deadline for submitting applications to register as a voter outside Kosovo for the local elections to be held on October 17 is August 18th.

The CEC spokesman, Valmir Elezi has announced that until noon today the CEC has received about 6 thousand applications from the diaspora, of which about 5340 applications have been approved and another 600 applications have been rejected.

“By noon on Sunday, the voting service of the Central Election Commission has received applications to register as voters outside Kosovo of about 6000 citizens, of which has approved about 5340 applications, while about 600 others have the current status of rejection. “, Said Elezi for KosovaPress.

He added that, “In these cases the voting service has communicated with these applicants and has notified them of additional documents which must be attached in order for their application to be considered complete.”

“The deadline to submit applications to register as voters outside Kosovo is August 18 and only then will we know the exact number of applicants abroad,” he said.

According to him, all these applicants who are successfully registered as voters from the diaspora, will be able to vote on another date starting from September 15, and the Central Election Commission will accept them on October 15.

“All these applicants who manage to register successfully as voters outside Kosovo will be able to vote at a later stage by mail which starts on September 15, the ballots must be received by the CEC no later than 15 October.

The way of voting by mail is the same as in the previous local and parliamentary elections, of course these are local elections and citizens so these voters who successfully register as voters outside Kosovo must fill out two ballots because they are elections for mayors and municipal assemblies “, He showed.

Political entities that want to participate in the October elections have only the next day left to apply to the Central Election Commission.

The CEC is also working over the weekend to accept applications from political entities for the local elections to be held on October 17.

CEC spokesman, Valmir Elezi tells KosovaPress that the CEC has accepted 29 political entities, where long of them are political parties, ten are citizens’ initiatives and thirteen others are independent candidates.

He also adds that the total number of these entities are 34 candidates for mayors, as well as 474 candidates for municipal assemblies.

“The Central Election Commission has received from 29 political entities, of which 6 are political parties, 10 civic initiatives and 13 independent candidates.

In general, the number of candidates who determine these political entities is 34 candidates for mayors of different municipalities, as well as 474 candidates for various municipal assemblies.

The deadline for the application of political entities, ie at the same time to submit the list with the names of candidates is August 16 and until 16:00, the CEC will wait for the applications of political entities “, he adds./KP/

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