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“With a vaccine doesn’t open wine”, gastronomers protest tomorrow in entrance of the Authorities

Kosovo gastronomes will protest tomorrow in front of the building of the Government of Kosovo starting at 18:00, as a sign of dissatisfaction with the measures against the prevention and spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Kurti 2 government has long ago imposed new antiCOVID-19 measures according to which the work of gastronomes and the circulation of citizens are prohibited from 22:30 to 05:00 in the morning.

Gastronomers demand the removal of measures against coronavirus, to pave the way for weddings and other events.

“With a vaccine does not bloom wine! “Together we can bring happiness and the economy back to the country”, writes the Association of Gastronomers of Kosovo on Facebook.

The Minister of Health, Arben Vitia, meanwhile has invited to a virtual meeting the mayors of Kosovo for Wednesday, where the topic of discussion is expected to be the new measures against COVID-19.

The meeting is held at a time when Kosovo continues to face a decline in the number of new cases, where only on Monday were confirmed 14 positive cases and one dead.

The total number of positive cases in Kosovo is 107,258, of which 101,467 have been cured, 3,551 are active cases, while the battle with the dangerous disease has been lost by 2,240 people.

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