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7 steps within the present job that make it easier to simply discover your subsequent job

Most feel lucky to have at least found a job, at a time when they might not have found it at all. They feel comfortable and leave everything else in the hands of time. But “the balance careers” says that even the most satisfied employee in the most stable company, it is good to have a plan on how to find another job more easily, if necessary.

Things you can do to make finding your new job more efficient

Here are 7 things you can do to help ease the way of your next job.

Follow your achievements

Make it a habit to write down your accomplishments and every new responsibility you have is added. Updating your CV can be difficult because you can not remember the daily details, such as the fact that two years ago you helped the sales team to sign a very important contract. This will make things easier not only for the job seeker but also when you are looking to rise to the position at the end of the year.

Tip: To make this easier, keep a notebook, or even an app on your phone!

Learn new skills

Take every opportunity to learn new things, be it a new program or system, as well as to train how to be a good manager! Take advantage of projects that help you gain soft or strong skills! Capacity building is the best way to create a rich CV and consequently increase your chances of getting a job in the places you will want.

Tip: To rise to the position, a candidate who is willing to learn new things is very attractive to the employer.

Expand the network

Do not miss any opportunity to show who you are! Take advantage of every opportunity to interact with people, not only outside your department, but also outside the company! A good option is to do this with others instead of eating lunch in the office alone.

Connect on social networks

While you are creating a relationship flow, connect with everyone you know even on LinkedIn! You can do this right now, there is no need to wait until you need another job. With these connections created, you will get to know people even more and you can easily find your future job, because potential collaborators already have you “in front of their eyes”.

Establish a good relationship with the manager

If there is one person you need to get along with, he is your closest supervisor. Do everything to create good, positive and productive relationships! A good manager will help you achieve your goals, recommending you for interesting projects, which will be very important to put in the later application documents and to grow in career.

Do the job well

This may sound like mindless advice, but taking the current position seriously and enthusiastically will improve your chances of being more visible in the company. In addition, if you are busy with work, you will have more events gathered to illustrate in job interviews.

Make sure the things you do are known

You may be an employee who does not want to brag too much, but you should not be so modest that no one knows what you do constantly, with such great zeal.

Tip: One way to make your achievements known is for the manager to be notified of them, then he will evaluate you where and when you need to.

Care should be taken not to say contributions in a boastful way, but in a factual way. But how does this relate to future work? People who are aware of your accomplishments will be more confident and willing to give you references when you need them for the future.

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