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A FIRE IS BURNING ON TARI AS WELL! It burns greater than 100 hectares!

According to the first unofficial information, it is an area of ​​over a hundred hectares.

The fire is coming from the Bosnian side, the area on the border between the two countries has been affected on our territory. This is the mountain Zvijezda, one of the largest habitats of Pančić spruce, with the highest peak Veliki Stolac. The situation is currently under control. It is a remote area where there are no households or locals – Ranko Milanović from Tara National Park told Rina.

Sarajevo media reported that a fire broke out near Visegrad, which also affected Veliki Stolac.

After Gostilj almost completely burned down, Veliki Stolac is also under fire – the most valuable habitat of Pančić’s spruce, our only endemic tree. Let’s save the oldest tree in Europe!– it is stated in the announcement of the Banja Luka Society for the Protection of Natural Heritage Arbor Magna.

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