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ANOTHER LANDFILL IS BURNING, numerous firefighters on the bottom! Picture

A large number of firefighters are on the scene, and numerous workers of “Čistoća” and other utility companies are participating in the extinguishing, with mechanization.

According to 021.rs, private companies are also engaged in bringing sand and rubble, in order to bury the part of the burning landfill.

Mira Radenović, a member of the City Council for Urbanism and Environmental Protection, says that the fire broke out in the part of the landfill that is not active and where no waste is brought, and that a quick reaction prevented further spread of the fire.

According to her, the fire did not cover a larger area.

Portal 021 reminds that the construction of a regional landfill has been planned in Novi Sad for years, but the works have not started yet.

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