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At present sunny and heat, each day temperature as much as 30 levels

Wind weak, southeast. Morning temperature from 7 to 15 degrees C, highest daily from 26 to 30 C. During the night, in the northwest, with temporary cloud cover, short-term rain is possible in some places.

It will also be mostly sunny and warm in Belgrade. Morning temperature from 12 to 15 C, highest daily around 30 C.

According to the forecast for the next seven days, it is expected to be partly cloudy and warm on Monday, with light short-term rain in some places. In the afternoon in the southwest and west, at the end of the day in the north, and during the night in other parts as well, heavier clouds, in places with rain, locally and showers with thunder.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, it will be mostly cloudy and colder, with occasional rain and showers with thunder. Then, variable with rare occurrence of rain and local showers and daily temperature within the average for this period of the year.

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