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Chilly within the morning, mild frost, sunny and hotter throughout the day

Wind weak, changeable, in the north and moderate, southerly. Morning temperature from -4 to 2 C, highest daily from 11 C to 16 C, the Republic Hydrometeorological Institute announced.

In Belgrade, it is cold in the morning, in a wider area with light frost, and during the day it is sunny and warmer.

Wind weak, southerly. Morning temperature from -2 to 0 C, highest daily around 15 C.

Weather forecast for seven days – until April 16:

Until Monday, mostly sunny and warmer, only on Sunday afternoon, with variable clouds, a rare occurrence of short-term rain or showers is expected.

It is still warm on Tuesday, but with a gradual increase in clouds.

From Wednesday, heavier clouds with rain, showers, thunder and a drop in temperature.

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