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EVERYTHING HAPPENED IN A SECOND, HAPPINESS SO THERE WERE NO CHILDREN! A swimmer who failed on the shore of the swimming pool in Novi Pazar introduced himself!

He told the media that he was feeling well and that he was lucky that there were no other swimmers on the concrete slab besides him.

The doctors at the hospital provided me with medical assistance and I am now at home. It is real luck, so there were no children on that plate that collapsed. It all happened in a split second, said Almir Š.

He added that he will never sue because, as he says, he believes that no one is responsible for the collapse of the concrete slab.

It was done by Mother Nature. It could have happened anywhere and to anyonehe said.

The tenant of the City Pool, Fikret Ganić, said that he was sorry for everything that happened and that the experts immediately inspected all the concrete slabs at the swimming pool.

We immediately checked all the plates and other parts of the pool. The beach is safe, he said.

The collapse of the concrete slab on the shore of the City Pool in Novi Pazar happened today around 11 o’clock. On that occasion, Almir Š suffered a severe leg injury, as well as neck and head injuries. which is not life-threatening.

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