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HAVE YOU HEARD OF THE BLACK TOMATO ?! Consider it or not, it’s grown in Serbia! /PHOTO/

– I have been growing black tomatoes for several years, it is an old variety of tomato that can very rarely be found anywhere else. When cut and tasted, it is the same as this red tomato, maybe even sweeter. People joke when they see, so they say, it’s a blue eggplant just stunted, but it’s not, it’s an old variety of tomato that is very rarely grown – says for TopPress Sladjana Catic from Maslosevo.

And while many resent and reluctantly decide to try such an unusual fruit, Slađa is satisfied with this variety, so she says:

– From now on, I will only plant it, because it tastes fantastic. It is a little smaller fruit than red tomatoes, but if it was watered regularly, it might be bigger, we don’t use chemicals, so I pick it and eat it in the garden. Its flesh is red and its skin is black until it matures, and when it is ripe it turns red but retains a black color in places sheltered from the sun – explains Slađa.

In the village of Lipovac, Radovanovići, in addition to red, also grows yellow tomatoes. The old variety that was once grown has been preserved on this property until today.


TOMATO – A POWERFUL HEALTH GUARD! Here’s why you should eat it every day!

TOMATO - A POWERFUL HEALTH GUARD!  Here's why you should eat it every day!

– Yellow tomatoes are regularly sown in our country as well as red ones. It is decorative and very beautiful when mixed in a salad with red. It differs only in color from ordinary red tomatoes, because the taste is the same as that of tomatoes, if it stays in the sun longer, that is, it can be a shade sweeter on the plant. It is resistant to diseases, so I gladly recommend it for organic production – said Mirjana Radovanović from the village of Lipovac.

Toppress Black Tomato

By the way, there are over 400 different types of tomatoes in the world, of which about 50 are produced in Serbia.

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