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HEROIC ACTION OF NIS FIREFIGHTERS AND POLICE! Two women saved, misplaced close to the hill Kotrnjak!

When night fell, the children called the firefighters and sent them the location where they are, so the firefighters and the police hurried to Niška Banja and safely lowered the teenage girls to the foot of Koritnjak.

Milan Djordjevic, the leader of the fire and rescue department who led the rescue operation, says that they received a phone call from the girls at around 8.30 pm.

– They were scared, they cried and begged us to come and get them. They said that they did not know where they were, that they were near a large rock and that they had no other landmark that would allow us to locate them precisely. I gave them my mobile phone number and told them to send me the location, they used the Google application, shared it and sent me a link, so we immediately headed to Niška Banja. We were in constant contact with them, we calmed them down, we told them that it was important that they were unharmed and that we would reach them soon – describes Djordjevic’s rescue operation.

It turned out that the children were only a kilometer from the “Zelengora” hotel, but that due to the characteristics of the terrain, it was very difficult to reach them.

– That area is very steep and the movement is made more difficult by the fact that the ground surface is covered with leaves and dust, so it was very slippery. They climbed that cliff and could no longer go up or down. We called them, and they included flashes on the phones, which allowed us to locate them. When they saw us, they cried again, but with joy. I told them, “Kids, what are you doing here at this time?” I took one in my hands and my colleague the other and we put them down where the police and the parents of one of the girls were – Djordjevic’s story.

Marija Randjelovic, an officer of the police department in the Nis Police Department, explains that at the call of the firefighters, three police officers went to Niska Banja and were with their worried parents all the time.

– When the children came down, we talked to them and found that nothing had happened that would require our intervention, so the teenagers went home – said Randjelovic.

Bishop A., the father of one of the girls who remained on the hill against his will, expressed his gratitude to the rescuers.

– We didn’t even know what happened to them until the firefighters called us and informed us that they were asking for help. We were very worried, when we heard them on the phone it was easier for us but we were relieved only when we saw them in the hands of firefighters – said the Bishop.

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