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In the present day partly cloudy, a bit of hotter and principally dry

During the day, partly cloudy and a little warmer, in most places dry, only in some places short-term rain or showers. Cheering in the evening and during the night.

Wind weak and moderate, in the north and east occasionally strong, west and northwest, weakening in the evening. Morning temperature from -1 C to 5 C, highest daily from 8 C to 11 C, the Republic Hydrometeorological Institute announced.

In Belgrade, partly cloudy and a little warmer, in the afternoon short-term rain or showers.

Wind weak and moderate, west and northwest. Morning temperature around 2 C, highest daily around 10 C.

Tomorrow mostly sunny with moderate development of daily clouds.

On Saturday, the clouds from the south will spread to the north during the morning, causing rain, and snow in the mountains.

From Sunday to the end of the period, mostly cloudy with frequent rain, in the mountains occasionally with snow. The temperature rises slightly.

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