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It’s anticipated {that a} cross-section of the scenario can be made immediately!

02. 08. 2021.

VUCIC ARRIVES IN PARLIAMENT AT THE PARTY DIALOGUE MEETING: It is expected that a cross-section of the situation will be made today!

President Aleksandar Vučić arrived at the Serbian Parliament just before 2 pm, where he will attend the meeting of the Working Group for Inter-Party Dialogue without the presence of foreigners. Vučić was welcomed by the President of the Parliament, Ivica Dačić.


Earlier, some representatives of the opposition came to the parliament, and among the first were the president of the DS Sa, Milos Jovanovic, and the deputy president of the SRS, Aleksandar Seselj, as well as the head of the SNS parliamentary group, Aleksandar Martinovic.

Photo: Tanjug / Milos Milojevic

It is expected that a cross-section of the situation will be made at today’s meeting, and that it will be determined around which the government and the opposition can reach an agreement on improving the election conditions.

Photo: Tanjug / Milos Milojevic

Vučić said last night that he would hear the remarks of the participants in the meeting and try to meet everything that is realistic and achievable.

The President of the National Assembly assessed that the inter-party dialogue can be successful only if the proposals are realistic, sustainable, acceptable to all parties, and that, as he said, would create conditions for everyone to participate in the elections.

Photo: Tanjug / Milos Milojevic

He said that a cross-section of the situation was made, which are all the proposals that the opposition parties give, stating that they will discuss it at the meeting today.

Vučić will talk with Dačić and opposition parties that do not want the presence of foreigners in the dialogue, namely the Serbian Movement Dveri, the Democratic Party of Serbia, POKS, Dosta je bilo, Zavetnici, the Serbian Radical Party, and Healthy Serbia.



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