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KNIFES AND AXES Albanians proceed to threaten Grenel due to Vidovdan

Photo: flash

On Tuesday, Grenel received a threat via Instagram from an Albanian that he would be beheaded, that he would be eliminated as soon as he came to Albania, and that Albanians would not forget when they promised something.

He received new threats, which Grenel informed his companions about, from an Albanian who wrote to him that the Albanians were not satisfied with him, that he favored the Serbs, and also sent him icons of knives and axes, as well as various other messages.

Grenel did not say why he received threatening messages, but on Monday he congratulated the Serbian people on Vidovdan, one of the biggest Serbian holidays, which provoked violent reactions from the public, as well as some Pristina politicians such as Vlora Citak and Bexheti Pacolli, who claimed it was was not a Serbian but a Balkan army fighting the Ottomans.

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