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KORONA PREVENTED 40,000 WEDDINGS IN SERBIA! Newlyweds are ready to say a fateful “sure”

He believes that things in favor of newlyweds and employees in that sector could be launched soon.

– Of last year’s planned 25,000 weddings, about 5,000 were realized with joy, the other 20,000 were moved to this year, and with the same annual demand in 2021, it is estimated that in Serbia there are potential 25 to 40,000 weddings waiting – Jankovic told Tanjug.

According to the data that the event industry has, there should be 8,500 to 10,000 weddings in Belgrade.

Jankovic states that all these newlyweds are hoping and looking for wedding locations and are in big trouble as are their families, relatives, guests from abroad, because they do not know if that will happen. It is a serious problem, but as he adds, to someone who looks from the side and is not, although broadly speaking, the whole industry contributes to the economy.

– We have inquiries from foreigners from Central Europe as to whether they can bring 220 guests on a charter flight to be vaccinated here so that a wedding can be organized – stated Janković.

Jankovic also expects that the document adopted on February 24 in cooperation with the Institute of Public Health, which offers a model – the rules according to which weddings can be realized, will soon be realized.

According to him, that flow should inspire hope not only for young people, but also for service activities such as decorators, florists, equipment renals, photographers, that they will be able to work. “The only thing missing from that document is the date that the government should set, and that is when we will be able to start working,” said Janković.

He reminded of the importance of the event industry when it comes to the consumption of drinks and food, stating that these are huge quantities, and noted that newlyweds receive a significant amount of money as a gift, which they also spend in Serbia.

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