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Krasniqi-Goodman: I would be the sturdy institutional voice of the survivors

Vasfije Krasniqi-Goodman is promising to be a strong institutional voice for survivors. Number 4 on the Vetëvendosje list says that it will work and fight for justice and that the expected results will be achieved.

The survivor of sexual violence, who ran for MP in Sunday’s elections, through a Facebook post said that it is a privilege to join the LVV list. According to her, these elections convincingly demonstrate the entrenched democratic culture.

Further, according to her, the number she keeps on the list shows the priority for the topics of the armed struggle for freedom and the attention for the people who were hit hardest by the war of ’98 and ’99.

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Dear fellow citizens!

Election Day, February 14 this year, demonstrated convincingly, how deeply rooted among us, democratic culture and its highest expression: the right to vote and to stand for election, the freedom to vote and to vote .

No obvious irregularities, no events to prove otherwise, on the contrary. The fact that then all the Western press and chancelleries highly praised the electoral process, not only fills me with a sense of pride for my people, but also creates the conviction that with such a performance, with such a political maturity, towards the future can it should be viewed only with optimism.

My dear ones!

It has been a privilege for me to run as a candidate of the Vetëvendosje Movement. No. 4 that I kept in this list talks about the priority with which this political group considers the topics of the armed struggle for freedom, which we undertook 20 years ago. Having in the center of attention those people who were most affected by the war of ’98 -’99, means an effort and a goal to look the past in the eye, to close its consequences with justice and through justice, will means to think of building the future, without weights carried and left over from the past. I will work for it, without getting tired, without stopping, with heart, with soul, with mind.

Dear fellow citizens!

These days, I have received thousands and thousands of messages, congratulations, greetings, encouragement, support, to be myself in the mission that awaits me, the powerful institutional voice of the survivors. Thank you all, one by one. I promise you that I will be the voice you want to hear, I will work and fight for the justice that belongs to us and that we must achieve. I am deeply convinced that we will reap the hoped-for results and this conviction is given to me by your presence, your support, your support, the love you show me.

I hug you all

Yours, Buqe.

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