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Listed here are all of the stadiums of Euro 2020 and their capacities

Euro 2020 will be spread all over Europe as UEFA celebrates the 60th anniversary of the most prestigious international tournament.

Unlike previous editions where one or two countries bore the burden of organizing a European Championship, this time there will be 11 countries on all continents that will take care of the development of this competition, KosovaPress reports.

This is an action that has not been done before and the regular service will resume in 2024 with Germany being the only host country.

Below we are listing all the stadiums and their capacity although the number of fans will be limited due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

1 Johan Cruyff Arena, The Netherlands, capacity 54,990

2 Olympic Stadium, Azerbaijan, kapaciteti 68.700

3 National Arena, Romania, capacity 55,600

4 Puskas Arena, Hungri, capacity 67,889

5 Parken Stadium, Denmark, capacity 38,065

6 Hampden Park, Skoci, capacity 52,063

7 Ëembley Stadium, England, capacity 54,990

8 Allianz Arena, Germany, capacity 70,000

9 Olympic Stadium, Italy, 72.698

10 Krestovsky Stadium, Rusi, capacity 68,164

11 La Cartuja, Spain, capacity 60,000

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