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MILJKOVIĆ FAMILIES ALBANIANS ARE BUILDING A BUILDING ON THE THRESHOLD! Popovic visited endangered Serbs from Kosovo and Metohija

The Miljković family from Lipljan’s house is endangered, as well as their safety, because with their property, less than a meter away, an Albanian investor started building a multi-storey building.

A member of the Presidency of the Serbian List and the president of the municipality of Gracanica, Srdjan Popovic, visited the Miljkovic family and said that they were not alone, it was announced from the municipality of Gracanica.

– Justice and truth are still insufficient for Serbs living in Kosovo and Metohija. Neighborly relations cannot yet be resolved peacefully. I told the Miljković family that they are not alone in all this, we will do our best to help solve the problem – said Popovic.

They reacted and asked for help as soon as they saw that the works were taking place less than a meter from the house.

– We informed the inspection, called the police, they were told to suspend the works, however, when the inspection and the police left, they immediately continued with the further works. We care about our safety – Nenad Miljković points out.

– Just as he has his own interests to build there, so I have my own interests to live there. I was always in favor of reaching a neighborly agreement, I’m sorry they didn’t want to understand me – said Nenad.

The Miljkovićs do not feel safe, they receive threats every day, and they point out that they want to usurp their property by force and force them to move out of these areas.

– We have hired a lawyer, we will fight legally. There are no solutions, they work on their own, only if the court stops them. By law they can work at least four feet away from my fence – said Momcilo Miljkovic.

The Miljkovićs want to stay at their hearth and say that no works and threats will evict them from this area.

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