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MISSING GIRL FROM ČAČAK! Final seen on Friday evening, household for 3 days with out a hint!

The school was also notified. Her friends last saw her on Friday – she told us, adding that none of them had information that would help them in their search.

He also says that there were bad grades, but that “no one would make a problem about it”.

She also says that her family also saw her on Friday night, and that there was nothing to suggest that she would disappear in the morning.


It never happened to go like this – he says, stating that they are looking for her day and night, and that for three days there has been no trace of the 14-year-old.

She says she was wearing gray Nike sneakers. She also believes that she took the backpack, because they did not find it anywhere.

He points out that she is a tall girl, of medium build, with long brown hair. The nurse also notes that she has a mole on her nose.

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