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MISSING YOUNG MAN SEEN IN MIRIJEVO? The mom is on the lookout for a citizen of Belgrade who reported seeing Jovan (18)!

– I am looking for a gentleman who contacted me today, thinking that he saw him in Mirijevo. Since I have registered over 200 phone calls today, I have to go in order and contact everyone just in case – the mother wrote, asking for any information about the missing son.


She presumably wanted to find out the location, since this settlement is not small, and in order to track down the young man who disappeared on February 17 at around 11 pm on the stretch from Bulevar nemanjića in Niš to the settlement of Duvanište.

The guy, a graduate of the Art School in Nis, is not incidental or prone to criminal activities, and because of that, taxi drivers, individuals and some associations have risen to their feet today.

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