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Mustafa: In financial phrases, this program of the Kurti Authorities is empty and with empty statements

The Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) is considering the economic program of the Kurti Government empty.

A day after its publication, the member of the LDK leadership, Besian Mustafa, through a press conference said that this program has nothing concrete, but only words.

“In economic terms, this program is empty with empty declarations, without setting concrete measures and objectives and unbudgeted. We consider it absurd that the government’s program promises economic development without saying a word about how much economic growth will be, how much the budget will be after four years, how many Kosovars will be out of work, how much will be the trade deficit, how much will be “Foreign investments, how much will the domestic production increase”, he said.

He said that the Kurti Government has not foreseen a program for economic recovery and no long-term planning for economic development.

“Despite promises of major change, there is no recovery program, no measures, no budget. Many words, no measure, no figure. Economic development within the government program 2021-2025 provides many laws, guidelines, strategies, review plans without mentioning anywhere concrete measures on how the Kosovar economy will recover after the damage from Covid 19. Even worse there is not a single word about the budget that the government will plan towards recovery and long-term economic development. Many words, no words, no figures. No new capital projects are foreseen for the next four years, only continuation of existing projects. So many words. “Zero new measures are envisaged for the information technology sector”, he said.

Mustafa also criticized the executive for its plans regarding the “Sovereign Fund”.

“On the one hand, there is talk of rationalization of the number of state agencies, reduction of the number and on the other hand, new agencies are announced. The Sovereign Wealth Fund will collect all state assets in one place to be managed by a close team of power. It is not known how these assets of the citizens will be managed, how their value will increase and how the citizens will benefit from this fund. “Many words, no measure, no figure,” he said.

Mustafa also assessed the plans for increasing public debt and adding new social schemes as worrying.

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