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NEW MEASURES IN KRAGUJEVAC BECAUSE OF THE CROWN! They have not even reached the height of the pandemic, and all 9 excessive colleges are transferring to on-line lessons!

– Within the fourth wave, from August 1, we have a constant increase in the number of patients on a daily basis, which indicates the severity and severity of the epidemic – said Predrag Delic from the Institute of Public Health.

– We have not reached the peak, but we are in the ascending part of the pandemic curve. At the moment we have 204 students positive for coronavirus in primary schools and 194 in secondary schools – Delic pointed out.

Having in mind the constant increase in the number of examinations and new patients on a daily basis, by the decision of the Emergency Situations Headquarters, the second Kovid respiratory clinic within the Institute for Health Protection of Zastava Workers will be put into operation again on Monday, September 13.

This was announced today at a press conference held after the session of the Headquarters.

Such a decision was made not only because of the overload of the kovid ambulance number 1, where the number of examinations is over 700 on a daily basis, but also because of the accessibility, ie shortening the length of waiting for an examination.

Another measure that will come into force, also from Monday, September 13, is rigorous control of the application of anti-epidemic measures.

– We didn’t win the crown – said Gordana Damnjanovic, a member of the City Council for Health and Social Welfare in charge of implementing anti-epidemic measures, and added that every third person examined was positive among the adult population, as well as every other child.

– 140 patients were hospitalized at the University Clinical Center, 10 of whom are on a respirator. The only way out is vaccination, which must be faster and more comprehensive. The first dose was received by 78,000 fellow citizens, 75,000 were completely immunized, and the third dose was received by 10,000 citizens of Kragujevac, which is not enough to achieve complete immunity – says Damnjanovic.


– At this moment, we are in the temperate zone, so for a start we are starting with rigorous control of the application of anti-epidemic measures, which have not been abolished by the Republic Crisis Staff at any time – said Gordana Damnjanovic.

All available capacities participate in the control of the application of anti-epidemic measures – 18 communal militiamen, eight communal inspectors, five inspectors for traffic and roads, three tourist inspectors and one traffic inspector.

Catering facilities, rental halls, outdoor and indoor gatherings, markets, public city and taxi transport, large shopping malls and retail chains, shops and service activities are controlled.

Working hours are organized in three shifts from 7 am to 4 am the next day.

According to Miroslava Petrović from the City Administration for Inspection Affairs and Communal Militia, from September 2 last year until today, 35,000 inspections have been performed and 190 measures have been imposed on violators.

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