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NEW TROPICAL WAVE ARRIVES Orange meteorological alarm in drive since Thursday, right here is how far the temperature jumps

05. 07. 2021.

NEW TROPICAL WAVE ARRIVES Orange meteorological alarm in force since Thursday, here is how far the temperature jumps

A new heat wave is arriving in Serbia, the Republic Hydrometeorological Institute of Serbia (RHMZ) warned today.

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“From Wednesday to Friday, it will be sunny and very warm with the highest temperature of up to 37 degrees Celsius,” it is stated in the announcement on the website of this Institute.

According to the meteorological alarm for the next three days, published on the RHMZ website, a yellow meteorological alarm was set off today for the area of ​​Western, Southeastern and Southwestern Serbia and the area of ​​Kosovo and Metohija, where thunderstorms are expected. For Eastern Serbia, the yellow meteorological alarm refers to high temperatures.

The rest of Serbia is in the green zone today.

However, tomorrow in the whole of Serbia, due to high temperatures, a yellow meteolarm will be in force, and on Wednesday, July 7, an orange one.

The orange meteolaram is in force on Thursday, July 9

According to the description on the RHMZ website, the orange alarm means that “the weather is dangerous”.

“Dangerous weather phenomena have been predicted, and they are of such intensity that they can cause material damage and be dangerous to people and animals. You should be very careful, aware of risks and regularly informed about the details of expected meteorological conditions. Follow the advice given by the competent state services,” he said. are on the website of the Institute.



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