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Nikola is just 13 years outdated and he’s the YOUNGEST MECHANIC IN SERBIA! It’s extra succesful than even thrice older colleagues, there isn’t any automotive whose traits it doesn’t know! /Photograph/

The love for this craft started quite by accident. This man from Obrenovac collected small cars, and due to the great floods in 2014, his entire unusual collection of water was taken away, and then he started all over again. Behind the house he has his own small workshop, which he calls his empire and in it Nikola is the real little emperor.

“I’ve always been interested in those repairs and tools. I made the workshops myself, but my parents helped me get the tools. For now, I’ve learned to fix basic things in the car, such as a small service and repair of minor electronics failures, motorized yard machines .I am currently working on repairing a motor mower that has three bleeders, a spark plug cable that needs to be fixed urgently as it can cause the mower to ignite as well as an air hose because the cable going from the spark plug to the motor is the main source of electricity “said this capable boy.

Rina He already has an enviable experience as an apprentice with master Ljubo

Nikola did not attend classes and except in his workshop, he learns the craft from master Ljubo and already has an enviable experience as an apprentice. As he says, he has everything he needs from tools, but also a good mentor.

“I hired him to work, learn something and become a good master. He is not ashamed to ask what is foreign to him and we can learn a lot from him. He is a young boy and he has only the future to know everything. Unlike other of his peers, Nikola wants and loves to work, thank God there are such guys “, said master Ljubisav Crnogorčić.

Rina She is not ashamed of hard work

And this great guy already wants to have his own service, in which he will repair from needle to locomotive and become a good man, but also the best master.

Photo: Rina

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