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One other 123 youngsters ought to obtain the Bezeje vaccine

So far, 553 children have been vaccinated, including 468 in Belgrade and 85 outside the capital.

There are 123 children left for vaccination – 108 in Belgrade and 15 in the territory outside Belgrade.

A total of 24 appointments were scheduled, and the parents of forty children did not show up at the scheduled appointment time.

The Ministry states that ten children had temporary contraindications.

Parents of 40 babies, who have not yet scheduled the offered appointment, were informed once again that they can do so.

The Ministry notes that children can be vaccinated with this vaccine until they are one year old.

At the end of October, it was announced that 600 babies in GAK “Narodni Front” in Belgrade instead of the protective vaccine against tuberculosis received a solution for the active substance, more precisely a saline solution.

After the audit and supplementing of the lists of children for vaccination with the vaccine, it was determined that there were a total of six hundred and seventy-six children.

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