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Skanderbeg escapes fall, Kastrioti and Bylis nonetheless “battle”

At one point in the championship, Skënderbeu’s fate seemed to be marked, for the team that had dominated a good part of the last decade. The fall of Korça seemed inevitable, while the appointment of Migen Memelli has changed everything.

With today’s 2-1 victory against Kukës, Skënderbeu goes to the quota of 37 points, in seventh place, 5 more than Kastriot in eighth place, while there is still one match left from the end, reports A2

Skënderbeu manages to mathematically secure a place in the Superior Category in the 2021/2022 season, also thanks to the 1-1 draw between Kastriot and Bylis.

The goals for Korça came in the first half with the goals of Werdi Mara in the 8th minute, and with Jean Victor (’36). Agim Ibrahimi’s goal was just a consolation for an unsatisfactory season for Kukës.

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