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Swimming pools are stuffed with consuming water, so there’s a menace of water scarcity in Novi Unhappy!

– The processed water in the Water Factory, which reaches the end users, is exclusively intended for drinking, sanitary needs and cooking. Irrigation of agricultural areas, watering of green areas, filling of individual tanks, wells and swimming pools, watering and cooling of sidewalks, terraces and yards, washing of vehicles, abuse of hydrants and the like, represent unintended, irresponsible and irrational consumption of drinking water. There is enough raw water, but due to the irresponsible behavior of certain consumers, the consumption of drinking water has jumped enormously, which is why not all users have an orderly and stable water supply – the Novi Sad “Vodovod” states.

They further explain that currently the most critical weekends are the settlements on Fruška gora, Popovica and Paragovo.

– Two tanks in Sremska Kamenica were completely empty this morning, and the water factory is working at full capacity and has reached its maximum by releasing as much as 1,250 liters of water into the system every second. Problematic and marginal parts of the network on the Bačka side, where significantly weaker pressure has already been recorded during the weekend – they state in this public company and warn:

Informer / SK

– If this negative trend of using drinking water for unnecessary activities continues in the coming days, JKP “Vodovod i kanalizacija” will be forced to introduce water restrictions, which is not in anyone’s interest, but if consumers are not controlled, this measure remains the only possible option. .

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