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TERRIBLE STORM IN ČAČAK! The wind carried every little thing in entrance of it, the collapse of the roads!

The day was hellish, he couldn’t breathe. It was getting dark on all sides in the afternoon, although the temperature was still very high. Suddenly the wind began to carry everything in front of it, it was impossible to look at the eyes from the dust – said Milena Djokovic from Cacak.

A strong wind accompanied by a large city blew through several villages in Čačak. As the wind knocked down trees and branches, the city caused damage to agricultural crops.

It rained intensely for over ten minutes. A city the size of a walnut, it hit Miokovci. The damage was caused to fruits and vegetables, and greenhouses were broken in some places – said Ilija Janković.

Collapse in traffic on the old road Cacak – Kraljevo

The rain followed by the wind slowed down the traffic on the old road from Čačak to Kraljevo. There was a standstill, and the column waited for about half an hour. In several subdivisions in the villages of Slatina, Slatinska Banja, Lipnica and Kukići, there was a breakdown in the electricity network and dozens of households were left without electricity.

The storm did not bypass the municipalities of Lucani and Ivanjica either. The wind, accompanied by heavy rain, however, did not cause major material damage in rural households. Rain followed by a stormy wind made

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