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THE CHARMS OF THE PLAIN ARE AT YOUR HANDS! Spa tourism in Vojvodina on the rise, corona disaster efficiently overcome!

It was a good opportunity to introduce the guests to the tourist assets of the city in the north of Banat and to exchange experiences in the economic activity that was most affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

After a break from 2013, the tourist organization of Kikinda was re-established this year and gained momentum in its work, in order to raise the tourist offer to a higher level. One of the ways for people to get better acquainted with the charms of the plain and famous destinations for sightseeing was the first “Tourist Encounters”.

VN Natasa Pavlovic

– TO Vojvodina initiated the “Tourist Meetings” three years ago, and within the promo tour “Summer Pannonian Adventure”, Kikinda was also presented. By organizing Tourist Meetings, we will succeed in further improving the tourist offer of Vojvodina. The meetings will be held in eight more places in the province – said Natasa Pavlovic, director of the Tourist Organization of Vojvodina.

Although one of the economic activities most affected by the coronavirus pandemic, tourism in Vojvodina has successfully overcome the crisis of the previous year and a half. According to official statistics, in the first five months of this year, there was an increase in tourist arrivals in Vojvodina of almost 44 percent, and the number of overnight stays was 48 percent.

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I work to the stars!  Kikinda primary school children have big dreams

– That is an extremely important result. Vojvodina has a lot to offer, as official statistics show. I am proud that the results are encouraging, especially when it comes to domestic tourists.


Last year and this year, tourism managed to cope with the coronavirus pandemic. Vrdnik Spa recorded the largest increase in tourists of 88 percent, followed by Subotica and Lake Palić, Sombor and Novi Sad in May – 74 percent – Pavlović pointed out.

The internal statistics of the Info Center of TO Vojvodina show that tourists are interested in visiting other parts, and during the summer months, the most current are the beaches and spas.

– Spa tourism is on the rise and is in the lead in terms of visits by domestic and foreign tourists who have started coming. Tourists are also interested in some programs that offer places in Vojvodina. For example, “Mokrin house” recorded a large increase in tourists, and last year it was included in the regular program within the cross-border cooperation project implemented by TO Vojvodina with partners from Hungary – says Pavlović.

Better days for Serbian tourism

What factors will be crucial in the time that awaits us, how to set ourselves in further development, how to reach better solutions in tourism management, in which areas rapid changes will be needed – are just some of the questions that will occupy tourism workers for a long time. The answers to some questions are already self-evident, and investments have largely begun.

VN Dr Nenad Ivanišević

– The province has invested over 100 million dinars in raising the infrastructure in tourism on the territory of AP Vojvodina. It is obvious that it gives results, because we cannot talk about serious results in tourism, if we do not have serious capacities. The plan is that in the future, during each distribution of funds, we will invest significant funds in the development of tourist potentials.

In that way, we can compete with countries that have the sea. The idea is for the TO of Vojvodina to put an emphasis on weekends in the province. Also, the development of gastro, cyclo and hunting tourism will be our priority – said Dr. Nenad Ivanišević, Provincial Secretary for Economy and Tourism.

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